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Free as in freedom: How modding could benefit from the free software movement


One issue that modding communities have is licenses, Gamebanana uses CC-BY-ND-NC, here at Modulous we allow you to chose any license as long as it does not conflict with the ToS, which means that pretty much all licenses that allow redistribution are allowed.

Most of the drama in modding comes from people breaking licenses without bad faith (mostly, of course there are exceptions), so here’s what I propose:

  • Allow users to run the mods for any purpose.
  • Allow users to study the mod, if the mod has code the source code must be provided, and allow them to modify it as they wish.
  • Allow users to redistribute the mod under the same conditions.
  • Allow users to redistribute their modified copies of the mod under the same conditions.

This does not conflict with getting credit, that’s fine, it’s not a restrictive clause, but it does conflict with the derivative and non commercial clause.

You are free to change the license of your mod at any time if you have made all the code, however you changing the license does not mean that copies that other people have automatically change licenses, those copies retain the old license.

If you want to know more about free software, click here.

I recommend the following licenses:

For art (Models, textures, etc…)

Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

A free culture license, people are able to share the mod including modified versions, however they are forced to share it under the same exact license.



The free software license by excellence, I recommend it specially for big projects.


Recommended for small projects, however I still like to use gplv3 first.