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Parties in my town

I am not a party person, in fact I highly dislike parties, not the ones where you stay in an establishment and can talk to people and enjoy discussing, I’m talking about the ones where it’s basically a musc-driven party, where all you are doing is jumping like a monkey when the music drops.

This is what happened in my hometown, Sant Andreu de la Barca in the first day of the summer festival, I did like the music, I’m not a big fan of reggaeton, I find it repetitive and most of the time the lyrics are not interesting to me, I am not a person that likes repetitive things, fortunately the music that day was all electronic music with your typical Bon Jovi in the middle but it did get old really quick for me, so I spend most of the night at a political party’s stand discussing politics with them and I also bought myself a flag (my bright republican flag) and  a friend of mine bought me a shirt featuring Marx, Engels and Lenin in toy form as a thank you for housing him at my house.

While I was sitting on my table drinking some Coca-Cola some guy threw up in a nearby container, I guess it was some kind of alcoholic poisoning, typical Spanish.