How I do my computing

Often I am asked how I do my computing, I currently own two machines, a custom built PC and a laptop.

My custom built PC runs Antergos, I also have a hard drive with a Windows partition, but I only use it in extreme cases, I would love to get rid of Windows, but unfortunately I can’t, this PC also has two monitors, a 60 hertz 1080p monitor and a 144 hertz 1080p monitor.

CPU: Intel Core i7-4770K (8) @ 3.9GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780Memory: 16 Gb (2×8)



I also have three laptops, one I found recently that runs Windows XP and unfortunately has a broken screen, a packard bell laptop that has a amd turion processor and an AMD x1200 graphics card which stopped working last month, I now am waiting for my new laptop, a ThinkPad T420.

My main editor is Emacs, although I occasionally use VIM and Atom, on the command line I use nano.

My shell is ZSH, my desktop environment is a customized version of Gnome 3.

My mail reader is usually gnus inside Emacs, but I do have Nylas N1 installed in case I need it.

My browser is Firefox Developer Edition